Thursday, September 9, 2010

in preparation

I feel like the season that I'm in, and the season I have been in for a while, is a season of preparation. 
God has been preparing me for so many things.
I was thinking of a couple today- mainly these two things:

1. God has been preparing me to be a Wife.
I know, it may sound strange, but recently I have thought about the kind of wife (after college of course) that I want to be. 
I know what I want in a husband, that's easy, but recently I started to really think about me- as a wife.
 I think so often young women don't strive to be an honorable Proverbs 31 wife, but expect to receive a perfect godly husband. 
I want to be a wife that is
Holy Spirit-directed, 
constantly praying for her family,
a humble servant,
a woman that stands by the side of her husband in times of trial,
and a peacemaker.
That is the wife that I want to be. 
I've been re-reading Proverbs 31;
 I've read it many times, but for some reason I have become re-facinated with it. 

2. God has been preparing me to be a Mom.
(Let me express, I don't want to be a mom for a long time. Sometime in the way future.) 
But I have been thinking...
 Again it might sound strange, but ever since July when I went to Seattle to visit my cousin and her kids, I have been thinking more and more about how I want to be when I'm a mom.
I want to be fun, but respected. 
I want to push my kids, but not to the point that they turn rebellious rather than striving in excellence. 
As I watch my pastors and close friends that are young parents parent their children, I have only seen good examples. 
I want to be exuberant like Meg Borders is with her girls, patiently pastoring like Matt and Lisa are with their children, and down to earth like my cousin, Angie, is with her kids. 
I think about everything from my fashion as a mom to my attitude towards my future kids. 
Let's just say- I hope both are excellent. ;)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Love, your Divine Purpose.

I was reading today and something caught my attention. 
Esther 4:14
"And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this."

God has put me in a place in which only He can decide my future. 
I have recently been surrendering to him, my dreams, my ambitions, my everything. 
Sounds so cliche, but it's so true.
I opened up a book that my mom got me a while back and instantly God spoke to my heart and this is what he said,

"I have raised you up to a place of great purpose, but there will be many who will not understand your position. Even you may not realize why I have strategically placed you here for such a time as this. You will be tempted to seek approval of others and waste precious time defending the plans that I have placed in your heart. Remember, I am the Lord your God. You did not choose Me...I chose you. I will lift you high above any circumstances that come against My divine purpose for your life. The only one who can stop My miraculous work in and through your life is you. So instead of making one more plan, give your plans completely to Me, and let me finish the work I started in you. 
Your King and Devine Purpose."

God revealed to me that Esther was raised up for such a time as this she didn't seek the approval of other people, or worry about the next step in her life; she did what God told her to do. She listened to the Holy Spirit when He was calling her name and calling her into a place of boldness. 

Believe it today. I want you to capture what I am telling you. 
Many people believe today that "the way they should go" is the way that everyone around you approves of. 
I am here to tell you that it's time, young believers, to not seek the approval of man, not worry about the things of the future, or the plans that you've set. He wants to truly give you a Devine Purpose... himself.
He wants to be your purpose. He wants to uphold you. 

God wants to work on you, in you, and through you and He won't relent until you give it all to Him. 
He loves you and is ready to pour out a fresh anointing on you like never before and even in your darkest moments when all hope is lost, He wants to restore you, raise you up, and give you hope!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Don't take any day for granted. 
Regardless of your circumstances, try and be the best you can be. 
Don't hold back on the things God has promised for you, live the dreams that we so often as humans see as a distant object, live in the now, and make those things happen in your life today. 
Don't look at people as just another person, who has problems, or is better in comparison.
Look at them as someone that God created in His image, look at them as someone who has a soul, big dreams, and a highly valued ambition inside of them. 
Don't ever say that you can't do something, because you can. 
Don't ever say that you can't impact anyone, because you can. 
Don't ever quit on your dreams, keep seeking them, don't worry, you'll find them, and if you don't, you'll find something better. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

"I will win her back..."

Hosea 2: 19
"I will make you my wife forever, showing you righteousness and justice, unfailing love and compassion."

God is so great. He makes all things work together for my good, because He loves me.
He doesn't expect me to perform for Him.
He just simply loves.
He adores.
He is a love sick Lover, waiting for me to fall deep into His arms.
He is my Beloved.
My heart is Your's oh God, whom have I but .y o u.?