Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Recently, I have been thinking a lot about hope. 
No, not because I have been doing a deep study on the word or searching out for hope, but simply because it keeps coming up in almost every area of my life. 
I heard a pastor tell this story last weekend and it's been burning in the back of my mind whenever something seems to be completely hopeless.

While building his church, Hillsong New York, he had two ladies come in and they were to paint "JESUS IS HOPE" on one of the walls in the church. 
He began to tell us about how those ladies were only doing a labor of love, and didn't realize the amount of impact that the sign would have. 
A man came up to him after a service one time and said this, "I just wanted you to know, I visited your church the other day and was very touched by your sign there," pointing to the big JESUS IS HOPE, he continued to explain, "I just wanted you to know that I was on the brink of committing suicide, and felt completely lost and empty. I was about to kill myself but all that I could see in my mind was that sign, JESUS IS HOPE." 
The man didn't go through with killing himself for ONE reason. 
He saw that Jesus was his hope, He was his answer, and he had faith to believe that no matter how hard the circumstances, Jesus is hope and was more than able to bring him through.

I was brought to tears hearing that story. 
Not necessarily because it was such a touching story, but how it really convicted me.
This man wasn't even a believer! He had never seen God move. He had never experienced God work in his life, and his life was full of thoughts of death, hopelessness, and a sinful life.  
And you know what?.. the thing that brought me to tears?
Is that in that ONE encounter, he had more faith in something he had never experienced, than I have ever had in a situation where I have been taught, shown, and promised that God can come through. 

There is HOPE in hopeless situations. 
Why don't I understand that?
Recently I have been praying so hard for one of my friends. 
I felt it was absolutely hopeless and that it was almost a lost cause, but after hearing the story of that man, I persisted to pray.
God ended up moving and going above and beyond my expectations and proved to me once again how absolutely faithful He is. 
This friend is getting out of where they were, my view of compassion grew even more, and our friendship was restored. 

When we put our hope in Jesus, our depression turns to hope, our fear turns to faith.
Sometimes we feel that all is a lost cause.
We feel that God can't move anymore.
We feel that God is so angry at us that He won't take us back.
We feel that we're so far into a deep, dark, and depressing hole that there's no hope. 
But alas, God brings a supernatural assurance.
He brings hope.
...have faith that God will bring you out. He will. 

"Because of Christ and our faith in Him, we can now come fearlessly into God's presence"
Ephesians 3:12 

"I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit"
Romans 15:13

There is ALWAYS hope- in every hopeless situation.