Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what if?

What if people actually took chances?
What if people actually walked by faith and not by sight?
What if people actually lived like their life had purpose?
What if people actually wanted to make something of themselves?
What if people actually weren't afraid to love?
What if people actually had compassion?

What if?

I think to myself, how different would my life be if I actually did those things?
How can I be so worried? How can I not trust in the things that I claim to believe in?

If my dad were to give me a thousand dollars for gas money a month (obviously more than enough), and I took it and worried about how I was going to fill my gas tank, which gas station I was going to, or when I would fill up... wouldn't that be foolish?
In the same way, I feel like I have this gift that is more than enough to satisfy. 
God has told me that he'll take care of me. 
He's promised that he works things together for my good. 
Why then, do I continue to worry and not trust?

What would my life be like if I quit worrying and started doing, if I focused on Jesus instead of how I thought my life should go?

I want to take chances.
I want to walk by faith, instead of what looks like the easier road. 
I want to live my life with purpose. 
I want to make something of myself.
I want to be fearless of love and loveless of fear. 
I want to grasp a heart of compassion.

What if I did?
What would life look like?
My new goal:
live authentic. live with love. live taking chances.