Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wow! What a long time it has been since I've last blogged! You know, it's crazy as I read through my blogs of 2012 to see where I was and where I have ended up. I mean, who would have thought last year at this time that I would be living in Tennessee, working, and just spending every day with Kenneth. I'll try not to make this a sappy little blog post, but the truth is that my life right now, my life as a 20 year old girl, is nothing but sappy. I mean, I read and think about how Kenneth and I met, my travels throughout the year and our journey through long distance. I think about how this little bundle of joy named Emmalyn has completely changed my life this year, and I am left with a heart full of love. 
I figured since this is January 1, 2013 I would blog and catch people up on my crazy life with details instead of pictures here and there on Facebook that keep people wondering where I am now and what's going on in my life. 
I'll start first with my little Emmalyn Lily. The way I talk about her sometimes makes her sound like she is mine, but maybe that's because I love her as if she is my own. That little girl stole my heart the instant I first held her, and gradually kept me wrapped around her little finger without even knowing it. When Dana started going back to work, I would stay the night with Mike and Emmalyn and was on "baby duty" throughout the night. Though I was tired, it was worth every moment to see those sleepy little innocent eyes look past her bottle and straight into mine multiple times a night. I love being an aunt. I can't describe to you the feeling, but I know that at every moment, for the rest of that little girl's life, I will be wrapped around her finger and spoiling her the only way aunties know how to. Saying goodbye to her when I was going to leave to live in Tennessee for four months was SO hard. I can't wait to squeeze this cute face again soon!! 

As most of you know, I am currently living in Tennessee and though I miss my family and friends, I wouldn't trade this time for the world! Here I am, 20 years old, exploring life! Sometimes, it sounds so strange or unrealistic, like it's not really happening to me. 
Through meeting Kenneth I have been able to travel more, see more, and do more than I never imagined I would before. I have met so many people and have seen so many things, and all the while getting to be near Kenneth and his family. Though I was away from my family on Thanksgiving and Christmas, Kenneth's family really took me in as part of their family and has been nothing but hospitable, caring, supportive, and a ton of fun to be around. 

I am continuing classes at Arizona State University and doing them all online so I can continue to travel and work wherever. 
I am truly blessed;
 I can't wait to see what happens in 2013!