Saturday, August 17, 2013

Time To Catch Up!

WHAT is going on! 
For all you blog followers, I hope you haven't given up on me! I'm hoping to start blogging more; I have just been so busy! 

For those of you whom I haven't talked to, seen, or heard from in quite some time, my life is rapidly changing and I'm constantly on the go so here is a little catch-you-up!
In regards to school, which I want to spend very little time talking about, I am almost DONE! I will be graduating in early Spring 2014 with a B.S. in Communications from ASU. Spring seems forever away, but time is always flying so I'm not too worried! ;) 

I still work at Dutch Bros. Coffee, they are an amazing company and I have nothing but great things to say about them. Recently I had the honor to be a part of a huge community event where we raised over 29,000 dollars for a local family in need. So I'd like to personally give a BIG thank you to all of you who came out and supported this girl!
You can read the story here

Though Dutch Bros. has been an awesome company, I am currently look for a more career focused job opportunity at the time. 
My ultimate career goal is to move to the beautiful city of L.A. in hopes of working for E! News as a reporter/journalist. I know I initially wanted to go into sports broadcast journalism, but as of now I'm loving the idea of working for E! someday, so we'll just see what happens! I'm along for the ride, and enjoying every step of the journey thus far! 

Ah, yes, something I have been asked a lot about--- my relationship! 
Yes, I'm "still dating that baseball player" as people always ask when they see me! 
I moved back from Tennessee in March (PS. I had a blast there, and am so glad I went for an extended trip), and came back to Tri-Cities. Part of the reason I took the job back at Dutch Bros. is because of how incredibly lenient they have been through this whole long distance dating process. Because of my awesome crew at Columbia Center, I was able to leave for a week once a month to fly down to California to watch Kenneth play. 
Recently, however, Kenneth got moved up to Double A! This was huge for him, and I'm so incredibly proud of him! 
Though I am so happy for him, he found out he was moving up to Oklahoma literally less than a week before I was supposed to fly out to California one last time. 
Welcome to the life of being a baseball girlfriend! So for those of you who think it's a glamorous lifestyle, think again! Things like this happen in Minor League Baseball all the time! It's such a fun adventure, but definitely has its ups and downs! I wouldn't trade it for anything though!

On another note.... 
Things are starting to slow down, and I'm ready to recommit to my desperately lonely, abandoned blog page! 
However, I need your help! 
What are some things you would like me to blog about? 
I have already got a good response from asking people, but I want to hear more! 
I am an open book! :)