Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Seize The Opportunity

Today, my cousin and I stopped by the grocery store to grab some special treats to enjoy while wedding planning later tonight. As she was dropping me off at the door to run in real quick, we both noticed a woman walking in and commented on how great of a figure she had for her age, and how she looked so good.
After some shopping, the woman happened to be in line behind me, and I seized the opportunity to empower her. 
I turned to her and told her what had happened and how my cousin and I both made comments about how beautiful and fit she was. 
With tears in her eyes, she touched my arm and began to tell me how just yesterday her mother was making comments about how chunky she was getting. 
As a result, this woman hadn't eaten anything all day and was having second thoughts on wearing a swimsuit to a family pool party this weekend. 
She told me that my words completely lifted her spirits and that I didn't know how much that meant to her. 
I told her to eat some carbs, feel good, and put on that swimsuit! 


I am a firm believer that women should be looking for every opportunity to empower other women. There is so much healing, revelation, and confidence that happens inside a woman when she hears life-giving, positive, empowering words from another woman. 
In this life, I believe that women are an incredibly strong force to be reckoned with. 
Women give life, nurture, and sacrifice more than people can ever understand. 
A woman is a delight, a joy, and an absolute gift to everyone who she comes in contact with. 
Women have absolute limitless boundaries of things they can accomplish in a way no man can. 
Not to say they are better, no not at all. 
What I'm saying is that women have an incredibly unique ability to be strong and fearless, yet nurturing, empathetic, and caring all at the same time. 
A woman's beauty goes deeper than the makeup on her face or curves on her body. 
Yes, a woman's beauty runs deep with rivers of love and sacrifice that continually flow out of her even when it is discredited, ignored, or taken for granted.
Her prayers, lifestyle, and words have the opportunity to capture hearts in a way that pierces the soul, changes attitudes and mindsets, and breathe life into every heart that encounters hers. 
Women are a powerful, beautiful, graceful display of the God who made them and formed them in His image. 

So, women (and men!), I challenge you- seize every opportunity you can to empower the women around you.

.girls compete with each other.
.women empower one another.