Friday, December 19, 2014

6 Tips For Roadtrips Across the Country

As I said in my post yesterday, in the last couple of months I've logged a pretty good amount of travel time across the states. 
In September, I drove my car from Washington to Arizona (about a 20 hr drive total), and then again with Ken from Arizona to Tennessee (about a 27 hr drive give or take). 

(When we started in Arizona) 

When I had to do the first trip alone, I asked some other experienced baseball wives what their tips were (kudos to all those baseball wives who do it with a U-Haul behind them, three kids, a cat, and a dog!). It's definitely a common occurrence for baseball wives to have to pack up their little apartment and drive across the country for a season, an off season, spring training, a team change, etc. (oh, you thought moving all the time was glamorous, we all flew everywhere, and shipped all our stuff all the time? Cute.)
Road trips are for the big girls. 
Whether we like it or not in this Baseball life, there are a lot of moves and driving. But! I'm here to tell you, whether you're taking a fun roadtrip with your besties, or traveling alone, there are plenty of ways to make it fun and enjoyable! 
So, here are 6 tips and tricks for roadtrips across the country:

1. Lotto Tickets
Yep. You heard me. I'm not a gambler, I don't make bets, and I'm awful at Poker, but one thing that Ken got me started on was buying a lotto ticket at the start of our roadtrips. 
We made it a point to stop and get lotto tickets in every state we passed through, and it was so fun! Sometimes we lost, sometimes we won....
Okay, can I brag? We won around 20 bucks off of 1 and 2 dollar scratch offs.

All that to say, find SOMETHING that makes you want to stop and have a little fun (make sure it's legal people).

2. Podcasts and Audio Books
On the road trip by myself, I got a long novel that, let's be honest I would never have the patience to sit and read, but I was still intrigued enough to get the audio book. 
I downloaded Amazon Audio Books free trial, and it was enough to get me the books I wanted for the trip. 
I chose Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. (PS. AMAZING fictional story based off of my favorite book in the Bible- Hosea).

On the road trip with Ken, we listened to a lot of Podcast Sermons including some of our favorites- Trevor Atwood, Matt Chandler, and Judah Smith.

 3. Sunflower Seeds
Okay, probably the MOST needed thing on every long roadtrip. If you don't listen to any other piece of advice, listen to this one! Sunflower seeds keep you WIDE awake when you start getting bored, groggy, and just plain cranky from being in a car that long. I could eat sunflower seeds all day.
At 2 in the morning after being up since 5 am, Ken was rapping to every song that came on and chompin' on sunflower seeds. I'm telling you, they're a must. 

4. A Gallon
That being said, sunflower seeds make you thirsty after some time. Our biggest life saver was having a gallon of water that we could just keep filling up our cup with. It saved space on full water bottles, empty water bottles, and while we're at it, was the greener way to go as far as all that plastic! 
Water is a good thing on a road trip. I know a lot of people who say they try to drink very little so they go to the bathroom less. Please don't listen to them. 
Water keeps you happy, awake, and hydrated. 
It also allows you to make frequent enough stops to get out, stretch, and heck- buy yourself a lotto ticket. 

5. Switch in Increments of Time
When I drove with Ken, we had ideas of when we wanted to stop, and the hours it would take to get there. We switched when the time was up, and that made it a little easier to know when your "shift" was up. Another way to switch is just when your gas tank gets low and you need to get out and stretch anyways.
When I drove alone, I would stop and get gas every time I had a quarter of a tank left, and that seemed perfect for me! 

6. Switch Up The Route
When you are forced to go on a roadtrip, find the most attractive route to you! 
For example, Ken and I had two routes to choose from to get us to Tennessee. 
We had a route that took us through Dallas, and I had been dying to see it for a while now.
We went that way, and it made the trip SO much more fun knowing that we had something to look forward to besides our end destination. 

(I know, a pathetic, doesn't-do-it justice picture of Dallas, but I'm still obsessed.)

Do you have any other tips and tricks for roadtrips across the country? 
Comment below and let me know! 

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