Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why November Was Such A Blur

Alright, so I told you I would catch you up on our little life. Here it is, but there's no way I could add all the details, you would be reading forever!... or stop reading all together.

So, here we go!  
Ken played baseball in the Arizona Fall League until November 15.
(He did amazing, and I want to brag about him. I won't. But really?... YUM.)

Ken flew to Washington Sunday, November 16.

On Wednesday November 18 we packed up all my stuff and any gifts I received at my bridal showers, bachelorette party, etc. and put it all in a truck and trailer. We drove to Spokane and packed it into a pod and said sayonara as we sent it off to Tennessee.

After we got back to Tri-Cities on Wednesday night, we then turned around on Thursday, the next day, and headed to Spokane for the wedding!

 The wedding was amazing, but I'll talk about that in a different post ;)

That week, we headed to Cancun, Mexico for our honeymoon .. again saving that for another day but here is a sneak peek photo of why we fell in love with the place!

 After Cancun, we flew to Spokane, then flew to Phoenix (my car was there, I drove it from Washington back in September), stayed the night there, then drove from Phoenix to El Paso, Texas. In Texas we got a hotel, then the next morning we were up and driving starting at 6:30 am... we made up our crazy minds and drove ALL the way to TN. 
We got into Tennessee around 3:30 am.. yes that's over 20 hrs of driving in one day... and we still like each other! 

Anyways, now we are here in Tennessee until the end of the off season. 
We will move to Arizona sometime in February. 
Ken throws and trains everyday with other professional baseball players, and I've just had a blast being a little house wife. 
I love our little life, and our fun adventures. 
I wouldn't trade it for the world! 

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