Monday, January 12, 2015

Affordable Attire To All Those Wedding Events: How To Create Your Perfect Look

Do you ever search Pinterest or google search what to wear to a rehearsal dinner/bridal shower/couple's shower, etc.?
Well search no longer! (okay, still search, we all do)

For events like this (my event was an evening couple's shower at a ritzy place in Nashville), you never want to look more done up than the bride.
If you're a lipstick lover (like myself) and you love big jewelry and hot little dresses-- ditch at least one of these for this type of occasion!  

(Not fully accessorized yet)

For my look, I felt my dress was a little on the edgy side, so I decided to do minimal (yet classy jewelry) and a light gold eye shadow and lip gloss. 
(My fav lipgloss is by Lancome -- you seriously can't beat it!)

For these events, you only want one statement piece. 
You have other events (such as the wedding itself) that you can wear the hot dress, chunky jewelry, and that new trendy lipstick you just got. 

For this event, my statement piece was my dress. 
Since my dress had the triangle look at the bottom, I tried to stick to simple accessories that accentuated that same shape. 
I did pointed rather than round toe shoes, and gold triangle earrings to give me the complete edgy look from head to toe, again, without being too gaudy. 

Hope this helps! What are your favorite event tips or trends? Comment below!


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