Friday, January 16, 2015

Wedding Bliss

If you haven't seen the photos that the amazing Terra Nyce put up on her blog, check those out! 
But here are some of my favs (okay I loved all of them I just couldn't post them all *insert cry face emoji*) from getting ready through the ceremony itself... and this still isn't all of them! 
Hope you enjoy, and feel free to click on the photo to view it larger! :) 

(yes we texted each other randomly throughout the morning- do what you want! it's your day!)

(my mama looked fabulous!)

 (yum.)...(and I'm not talking about the mimosa)

(I love my daddy so much. He set an amazing example of what to look for in a husband.)

(prayer with our pastors and mentors- so thankful for these people!)


  1. Thanks Katie ;) I enjoyed looking at them all <3

  2. Seems to be a lovely wedding. Last month, I arranged my best friend’s wedding at one of the grand Los Angeles wedding venues that I had booked from online. Decorated the venue with lovely flowers and amazing ornaments and had pretty great time there.