Tuesday, February 17, 2015

An Interesting Day In Starbucks: Enjoy Your Life

I had a whole blog post written out that I actually didn't even like, but just kept writing in hopes that it would turn into something decent. 
Today, as I'm sitting in Starbucks, I noticed a couple things that actually brought a lot of healing to me.
I saw this first situation, but just kept writing my lame post. By the time I had my second encounter, I deleted it all and started this one.
So here we are. 
I hope you find a smile on your face after this, and a new appreciation for your own life. 

The first occasion was when a husband and wife came in.
The husband was barely able to walk. He had a disease of some sort that inhibited him from walking without his crutches. 
His legs were wobbly. They didn't function properly.
I could tell he wasn't mentally functioning properly as well.
I thought about his incredibly hard life.
My heart broke for him. 
To be very candid, I thought, "I sure am glad that I am healthy. Thank you for my health Lord, I would be miserable."
Now, I really am thankful, but something changed my immature, naive heart in an instant. 

He was smiling, his wife was flirting with him, and looking at him with eyes of adoration. They got their coffee, sat together, and just began to talk. 
At some points they laughed, sometimes they talked, and sometimes they were just quiet together. 
It's an amazing thing to witness a love that breaks the power of depression over broken bodies, minds, and souls. 
What healing it was to watch that couple genuinely love one another. 
Yes at times their life may be difficult, and they may be ready to give up and throw in the towel, but the very fact that they can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee together in the midst of what most would consider chaos... that gives me hope, that shows true, unconditional love. 
Love truly does conquer all. On top of that, genuine relationship makes this cold, broken world a little brighter. 

The second encounter I had while sitting in Starbucks today was a man sitting at his computer working. 
He was a completely normal, focused business man getting his work done. 
All of a sudden, the song All Of Me came on over the speakers. 
He paused. He removed his glasses, and closed his eyes. 
At first, I wondered what he was doing. 
As the song played, he slowly started singing with it.
Not loudly. In fact, if I hadn't noticed his physical presence, I wouldn't have even heard him. 
As the song kept playing, I would glance up from my computer, and every time I looked, he looked more and more at peace as he slowly just soaked up every part of a beautiful song.
He was enjoying the song to the fullest, in such a peaceful way. 
He didn't stop singing or open his eyes until the song was completely over.
When it was done, he put his glasses back on, and went to work like usual. 

I was shocked, but something about watching him brought so much revelation and peace to me. 
I began to feel the enjoyment of life run through my veins. 
How many times do we focus so much on what we are doing, that we don't ever stop to simply enjoy creation around us? It could be anything from the scenery, music, young love, etc.

I felt Jesus nudging me as I encountered these two different situations.
I felt so convicted about how busy my life can get, that I never stop and rest or enjoy a good song. I am always thinking about what people will think, how many stares I would get, etc. 
But these two encounters changed my whole perspective. 
They were living and enjoying the life they've been given, and it brought such healing to my busy mind and busy soul. 
They were unapologetic for enjoying the little things in life, and without even knowing it, completely turned my day around.

I experienced Jesus in Starbucks today.
I encountered His unconditional love.
I felt His rest and peace. 
I want to be that for other people. 

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