Thursday, February 26, 2015


As a wife in this baseball life, it is so easy to get caught up in all the hype of looking perfect, being something you're not, and trying to keep up with the woman next to you. 
As I sit and contemplate why women (myself included) do this, I find that sadness floods my heart. 
Why is it that we can't just be happy with the way we were made? 

I don't know how you feel, but my favorite thing to see is people being real and authentic with not only their heart, but their physical appearance. 
That's why I absolutely love what Raw Beauty Talks is doing. 

I don't want to compete with other women to feel beautiful. 
Can't I just be confident in how God made ME?
My passion is to tell women how beautiful they are (not only on the inside, but the outside), but how can I do that, how can YOU do that and share that same message if we don't even believe it for ourselves?
So I'm starting the conversation. Because 
Raw. Beauty. Talks. 

Ever noticed how many women are trying to be like the woman on the front of the magazine (or how about Pinterest?). I know I do it. But I'm joining the conversation, signing the petition, and taking a stand against my insecurities that lie deep within (pun intended). 

I want to see REAL women on the front of magazines. I want to see REAL flaws, and with that, REAL beauty. I remember a while back talking to a well known photographer friend of mine at how incredibly easy it is to just photoshop a photo to make it look like a girl has bigger boobs, thinner arms, leaner legs, skinnier waist....This has to stop! 
I am part of this petition, and I am taking a stand for RAW beauty. 

Women you are enough.
Let's stop buying into the lie that photoshop, filters, and caked on makeup is real beauty.
Let's start accepting ourselves.
LOVE yourself. 

No filters, no makeup, just me myself and I.
Less is more. 

Will you join the movement // petition? 
Check out their website and read the countless interviews of women who have rallied together for an amazing cause. 

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