Thursday, March 19, 2015

Arizona Living

Hello Sunshines! 
Hope all is well from wherever you are across the globe! I am very excited to catch you up with all things Arizona living!

We are in a little condo right behind Scottsdale Fashion Square (the mall- HELLO!) and we are loving it! 
Marriage has been AMAZING and we literally grow closer every day as well as closer with God. 
Ken has been doing amazing with the Rockies so far, and can I just mention we have met some AMAZING people this spring!?
We have been going to Gateway Church here and absolutely loving it and inviting all of our friends... and even strangers! 
God has been blessing us with AMAZING people who are leaving lasting impacts on our lives, some baseball people, some not. Each is making such a difference in our lives and we are SO thankful! 

 (Some friends and I watching Ken and I throw on Sunday) 

Ken has been throwing every two days or so (at least that's how it feels so don't quote me). 
On St. Patty's day me and some other wifeys snuck down to the bullpen, and I snapped some creeper pics without him knowing.

Anyways, loves and hugs from AZ! 

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