Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spread LOVE

Lately, Ken and I have been really challenged in our small group we are apart of here in Arizona. They talked about what we are actively doing to help those in need wether they are close to us, or just every day people living their lives the same as you and me. 
I got to thinking, and it seems as though the Lord has really been working on both Ken and I's hearts in this area. 
Ken has SUCH a big heart for people (like seriously); he's always willing to help someone financially, help someone with their car, give someone a ride, etc. He genuinely has a heart to serve others the way that Jesus would. 
Both Ken and I have had such a heart to share our blessings, time, and resources with those in need, and this week we got a very unique open door to do so. 

We were allowed an amazing opportunity to serve a refugee community here in Arizona. These people have been brought to America by American's help, and now are figuring out how to survive here knowing very very little English (could you imagine??!). My heart broke because I thought we were bringing them couches and a kitchen table to maybe replace older items they had, but that was not the case. We walked into the first home that literally had nothing. Their floors were bare; they had no kitchen table, no couches, and no coffee table-- nothing. The young family receiving these items were so thankful. 

As we sat and visited with families who had been moved here from various countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, and other places), I could feel Jesus in those small, empty living rooms. To them, a bag of not so new clothes, a new bed, and couches just weren't something they could ever afford. They were living to survive. 

I pray that we take many more trips back to this place. It's truly life changing to step outside of your comfort zone and allow vulnerability in this area of your life. 
My goal is to stay in tune with where God leads me to give, and to pour into and love on those whom need his love (aka everyone I encounter). 

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars going to foreign countries (although that is VERY needed, so don't think I'm saying it's not). Step into your own neighborhood, your city, and see the people who are hurting around you. 
God will be faithful to protect and guide you through this and allow you to experience Him in new ways!

(I ADORED this little girl on the right next to me! She is 8 years old and translated SO quick between english and her first language; I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her with me!) 

I would LOVE to see how you are impacting those around you, or the organizations you may be a part of! 
Post your pics on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (tag me! @katiellisroberts) and share how YOU are spreading love! Let's inspire those around us to 
Also, feel free to send your pictures and testimonies to! 

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