Saturday, May 30, 2015



If you don't already know, Ken and I are living in Denver now, as Ken is playing with the Rockies. 
I have found some awesome friendships with the amazing women here. 
If there's anything that I have been learning the past couple months, it's to love yourself and love others.
I think if women grasped this more and more on a daily basis, this world would be a kinder place for all of us.
Respect yourself, love yourself, and do the same to others. 
Take care of yourself.
Do what makes you feel your best.

Personally, something that makes my heart full is community & relationships. 
It is crucial, no matter who you are, to cultivate relationship and community in your life. 
As humans, we were created with a basic need of having relationships with others. 
Feeling down? 
Strive to have a good, fun, honest conversation with someone today. 
Meet someone new! 
Invite someone to coffee that you've always wanted to get to know, but never have!

Relationship and community with others is absolutely soul satisfying! 
Just last night I went to dinner with some fellow wives and girlfriends... the night was full of great conversation, amazing sushi, some tears, and a lot of laughs. 
(What an absolute beautiful display of how fulfilling female friendships are!)...
I left feeling strong and confident because of the strength and beauty each one of those girls emanated and reflected onto one another.

If you feel like staying home majority of the time (like I do now, and did last night), it may be worth your while to throw that lipstick on and head out with other people! 
Try it today.
Spread your uniqueness to others and allow and accept them in doing the same!
Let's make this world a little brighter by loving ourselves and loving others.

Friday, May 1, 2015

NuShu Sisters: A Movement to Empower and Uplift Women

As I've said before, I firmly believe in the power of encouraging and empowering the women around me. Although it's hard, if I'm being candid, to shake off the nasty habits of gossip and ill feelings towards other women who may have hurt me or "rubbed me wrong" before, the life of giving the benefit of the doubt and forgiveness all while protecting and respecting myself is absolutely rewarding. 

So here's my story. 
I'll be the first to admit that I have been a mean girl, and I've dealt with girls being mean to me. 
Haven't we ALL hurt or been hurt by other women? Whether it was when you were 6, 16, 23, or 42 we have all had encounters with women that hurt our hearts. I remember being so confused as to why a girl in high school didn't like me. She would say the meanest things to me, ignore me, mock me, and everything in between. Those hurts went deep. It took a conscious effort to forgive her, and see the hurt inside of her that fueled her meanness towards me. 
Still today there have been women who have hurt me so deeply, especially when I openly took the stance to be a nice girl-- no more gossip, no more mean girls. 
It seemed like the more I stood for women empowerment, and the collaboration of women, the more I would find myself hurt by the women around me. Some would say "yeah that whole women being friends thing? That's impossible." or "You are just so naive to believe that female friendships can actually work." 
Those words not only discouraged me, they pierced my character and the very heartbeat for my belief. 
The easy road would have been to lash out, be mean back, and to ignore the ones that hurt me, but in a battle to fight for what I believe in (a world where women uplift and support one another regardless of differences) I chose to forgive, respect myself, and continue to fight for my beliefs. 
Girls and women, it is time to stand up for one another. 
As an individual who has been the queen of vicious gossip, yet has definitely felt the hatred of other women on me, I am here to say that it IS possible, beneficial, and HEALING for women to have healthy friendships with one another. 

Back in June I joined with my friend Jenn Dean-Hill (a licensed therapist) and a team of women to launch a movement that stood for empowering and educating women to live out their own unique strength and beauty, and to encourage other women to do so as well. 
This movement has absolutely changed my life, and I hope it does for you as well.

I can attest that being a NuShu Sister hasn't always been easy. In fact, at some points it has been really really hard, but isn't that with any stance you take? I can't imagine the abundance of pain and loneliness I would feel if the strong, beautiful women that have supported me hadn't have been there. 
I have been able to share with, pray, encourage, and benefit from healthy female friendships. 
If you have a desire to do this, PLEASE contact me. 
I have been pulled out of some of the darkest times of my life because of the female friendships that I've formed with other women around me. 
Yes, you should protect yourself from women who only want to consume rather than give of themselves, yes you should deny access to your heart of hearts from some women. What I am saying is that if we as women start to form and create a culture of empowerment and encouragement among other women, we not only learn how to respect ourselves more, but teach the men around us how to respect us as well. 
It starts with us ladies. 
It starts with being nice, being genuine, stopping gossip, giving the benefit of the doubt. You can do it. 
Healthy female friendships ARE possible. 

Go take a look at NuShu Sisters, read all about how it was formed, our vision, and our mission statement. Ladies, it's time to empower one another. It's time to collaborate rather than compete with one another. 
It's time.