Saturday, June 27, 2015

when life gets messy

You know it's absolutely crazy to me how my life has taken so many turns. Doors have been opened, they've been shut, and doors have also been left open but for a later time. 
My life has been so beyond what I thought it would be. In my head I never realized the great things that I would be able to see or accomplish or be a part of. I remember back to elementary, middle school, and high school days. I wasn't always the most popular. In fact, a lot of the time I felt as if I had no real friends, or I didn't quite fit in. It just shocks me how life can change so quickly. 
I never knew what God was up to. 
In times of drama with other people, or times that I called a "crisis" in my life... I could never see the bigger picture of why what was happening actually was the best thing for me. You know, sometimes we see problems in life, or things not going the way we would like, and we get mad at God, ourselves, or others. In life, I've seen heartache, I've seen a door close that I really wanted opened, and I've seen things not go "my way".
 I'm sure you have too. 
But the beauty of it all?... 
You don't know the big picture. 
I remember Senior year of high school getting a letter of intent to play college basketball. 
I never signed that letter. 
I drove home confused as to why I didn't want to play college ball, when all logic told me to, but my gut told me not to. 
In those moments I look back and thank God for the door He allowed shut for whatever reason. 
I would have been on a completely different path than I ended up being on.
I wouldn't have met my now husband, I wouldn't have met my now friends, and I sure as heck wouldn't be living this life I live today. I am so incredibly grateful that God had his hands in the things I thought I wanted most. 
Have you ever seen that photo of the little girl with her small teddy bear, and then Jesus is there with a huge teddy bear behind His back? I believe the caption shows the little girl not wanting to give Jesus her small teddy bear, and all along Jesus holds something so much greater for her if only she would trust Him.
As cheesy as that sounds, I really feel like that's what God has done in my own life. 

Have you ever struggled through something? (I know we all have...) 
Maybe it's a break-up with the person you thought you were definitely going to marry. 
Maybe someone changed along the way of your friendship, ultimately making the friendship non existent. 
Or maybe you feel like you yourself messed up something so bad, and that you "lost your chance".
I'm here today to tell you that nothing is a lost chance. 
Nothing is a messed up opportunity. 
Even when we think we messed up, or someone has so badly hurt us or left us lonely or broken hearted... nothing has surprised the God who created you. 
Have you ever thought that maybe God did you a favor in taking something from you? 
You may never be able to understand it this side of Heaven, but maybe, just maybe, things that don't "go our way" are actually a protection, a provision, and a way for God to give you something even greater-- something you could never dream up or imagine. 

My encouragement to you tonight is to live your life in such a way that you allow God to have control over every single event or situation. You never know what God has for you; you can never see the larger picture. 
I know that when I look back, all those hurts, all the past drama, all the heart ache or loneliness, all the things that caught me off guard or didn't go as I planned... it's all led me to this moment in my life. All of it making me a stronger individual, with a life I couldn't have even dreamed up. 

Keep your head up! Something greater is coming.