Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Father

First, click play, then keep reading :)

Every morning this off season, I've been waking up somewhere around 7 or 7:30 am, I put my contacts in, and sleepily walk to my kitchen to turn the coffee maker on. With groggy eyes and messy hair I open my blinds to let the sun's light shine in. I grab my coffee when it's done, and sit nestled in a blanket in my favorite spot. I open my Bible and my journal, and I sit in the stillness of my home and begin to talk to God. 
On a morning like every morning, I sat with my Bible and prayed that God would again reveal Himself to me. Little did I know that God would be pulling on my heart strings for the next couple of days to share with you what He shared with me. 
Most days I wake up sleepy and often not wanting to leave my warm bed or my husband's presence. 
However, this particular morning after waking up and doing my normal routine, I sat reflecting on the joy that the God of the universe feels when I choose to spend time with Him every morning.

I remember, when I was younger, coming home to my dad sitting at the table or on the couch, and he would never really ask me questions when he saw me. Almost every time, he waited for me to talk to him. He waited for me to come sit with him and tell him the highlights of my day. I know my dad deep down absolutely loved when I would talk to him, open up to him, and spend time with him. 
And much like my father, God does the same. 
I felt like God himself was telling me that it is His most joyous time of the day when I wake up and spend the morning with Him. He actually gets excited when I wake up and begin my morning routine, just waiting for me to sit in His presence as He's eager to spend time with me. His greatest joy is in revealing Himself to me, talking with me, and letting me talk to Him. 
The thing about God though, is that He is a gentleman. Like my own father would do, He sits, waiting patiently for me to talk to Him about anything and everything. He doesn't fight for my attention. 

He delights in these moments every morning with me. Like my father, waiting to be approached, He isn't going to force His way into my life, my business, or my problems. He watches, He sees, and waits for me to come willingly and share my heart. 

As God began to reveal his Father-like heart to me, I was moved to tears and turned on the song you're (hopefully) listening to:
"Good Good Father".

It's become one of my absolute favorites.
This song talks about how He knows all about me and knows what I need before I even ask. 
It says that He's pleased with me, that He likes me. 

This song plays as I reflect on all that God has displayed to me, and His love for me. 
I let the song play as I finish up writing, and when I'm done I open my phone to a photo from 
my friend who was announcing that they had just given birth to their baby. 
In the picture, the father was glowing as he held his brand new son. 
As I looked at this photo, the part of the song that says "You are perfect in all of your ways" came on. Now usually I sing the song and sing that to God, how He is perfect and He always comes through and always knows what's best for me. In all His ways, He is good. 
But as I sat and looked at this photo of a father holding his son for the first time, I couldn't help but choke back tears as the tables were turned.
God began to reveal that this is the exact way He feels about me. 
Every morning. Every day that I choose to walk with Him. 

See the thing about fathers is that from the moment of birth, they melt over their new baby; they fall in love. 
God looks at us and says, "You're perfect! You are so perfect. Everything about you I love. There is no flaw in you. I made you. I am obsessed with you! There is nothing that I don't love about you. I will always fight for you, protect you, and CHOOSE you. I can't even begin to express in words how I feel about you."

Maybe you had a wonderful father. 
Maybe you didn't have a father. 
Maybe your relationship with your father is tarnished. 
There is good news for all of us. 
We have a Father in Heaven who sees us and wants to take care of us. 
He loves you more than you can comprehend. 
He is obsessed with you.
So many times we see God as a judge, ready to convict us of our sins or waiting for us to mess up. 
It's the exact opposite. 
He desires you just the way you are. 
In fact, He loved you long before even YOU knew all the messes you would make. 
Like a new father who loves his baby unconditionally, regardless of mess ups, mistakes, and mischief you would get into... He still loves and cares and protects and fights for you. 
He can't help it. It's who He is.

When we choose to spend time with God, it is His absolute joy. 
You are His joy. He made you to spend time with you. To be relational with you. 
To be the one you go to when you fail or when you succeed. 
He knows your deepest hurts and your greatest needs. 
I challenge you today to begin to spend time with him. 
Get a Bible reading plan, and begin to read. Write down everything you learn about God. 
You'll begin to see that He's the answer for everything. 
He is a good, good Father. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Okay people, wow.
I haven't blogged in far too long. 
As some of you may know, it's been an absolute crazy year. Although I thought I was going to be able to blog, I found myself just trying to keep track of where my toothbrush was at all times. I've never traveled as much in my life as I did this baseball season. It has been crazy. Part of the time I lived in a half empty apartment, part of the time we lived in someone else's condo, and the whole time for the last 2 months of the season we lived out of a new hotel every week (out of only ONE suitcase people!). 
It's. Been. Crazy. 
I keep getting nudged by people and especially told by my husband that I need to pick my blog back up again. 
So. Here we go.
This is me "picking it up" again. 
I have SO much I could blog about and the goodness of God I've witnessed this year. 
I could literally write a book on this last season. 
The problem is... I have no idea where to start.

So where would you like me to start?
Reach out to me. Ask me anything!
It's my first year of marriage, my first time traveling with my husband, his first time in the big leagues, his first ever injury, his first time being on TWO big league teams, my first time to the east coast... I mean the list could go on and on.

I WANT to tell you everything! 
I. Just. Don't. Know. HOW. 
I leave you with this question:

Where do I start?