Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ladies! My Workout Routine for Those Who've Asked

So today I'm finally sitting down to post about something my friends keep asking about! 
My Workout Routine
Let me be honest with you, and very clear... I am NOT a gym rat. 
I hardly like the gym.
 I think there are germs everywhere (and yes I wash my hands immediately after every time I'm done) and I wish I actually wore all the cute workout clothes in the world, but the fact is I almost regularly where the same 3-4 outfits to gym every week regardless of all the new workout clothes my hubby buys me. 
For some reason I'd rather wear them grocery shopping, or when we go somewhere that doesn't require me to get dressed up (love those places-- ahem, thanks to all my close friends who scream a big YES! when I text "comfy night?" in regards to what we all should wear to hangout that night). 

So, for all you chicks who love looking cute at the gym... good for you! I wish I could be you, but honestly, I put the least amount of effort into getting ready for the gym, because let's be clear, I'm already having to drag myself there! 

Now, I have never been one to post about how much I work out, I really never felt the need to, nor do I really think you care that I'm at the gym once again. 
And... like I said before, I like to spend the least amount of time IN the gym as I can... so like, who has time to take the perfect selfie?! 

Anyways, yes, I do workout very consistently, although my instagram or any other social media wouldn't tell you that.
I go to the gym 4 days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 
I love giving myself a break in between the week (hump dayyyy!) because literally on Monday and Tuesday, the thing that gets me through my last killer reps is that I get a day off super soon. 
Just being honest! 

First, I never look at a scale. 
I mean, I probably should.. I just never think to. 
In my head I know I eat somewhat healthy throughout the week, and I'm working out four days a week... that makes me happy because my life feels balanced. 
Secondly, for me, working out is more about being mentally healthy than physical. I'm happy that physical health comes along (okay, it's kinda sorta the main component) with working out... but it's not totally why I do it. 
Struggle with anxiety?
Get overwhelmed easily?
Are you irritable and moody?
Do you wake up and stay grumpy all day?
Could you take a nap at any minute cause you're so tired?
(this is all me if I take too many days off from working out)
If this is you...
You probably need to workout. 

Mental health was my main goal when I consistently started working out. 
I slept a TON better, which lead to overall better health... but that's all for a different post... 
Let's get to it!! 

I've added videos (something I don't love, but I know it's probably easier to watch than read my explanation of the different workouts) for you to watch what I do. 

I usually only spend like 15-30 minutes in the gym. 
Yup, you read that right. 
I told you I didn't like staying in the gym too long! 
However, when I AM in the gym, I'm lifting as hard as I can. 

Recently I've been doing LOW weight, and HIGH reps. 
This just means I can do heavier weight and lift it like 4 times, or I can do lower weight and lift it like 15 times. 
Doing heavy weight and lower reps builds strength; doing lighter weight and higher reps builds definition-- both are crucial in helping you stay strong and healthy! 
I switch up how I lift every three or four months or so! 

For all of these workouts I typically do 12-15 reps for 4-5 sets. 
I would tell you the weight on all of it, but it really doesn't matter, cause your body is different! 
If you do 12 or 15 reps and it was too easy (and your form is good!), try going up in weight! 

Here's my workout week:

I Squat and Romanian Dead Lift (RDL).
Sometimes I skip RDL, probably shouldn't, but if I have an extremely busy day, I go in knowing that I'm adding another set to my squats, and cutting out the RDLs. 
Girls seem to be really intimidated by squatting... don't be! 
Just walk in like a boss, start with just the bar, squat that to get a feel, and go from there with how much weight to add.. 
Here I'm doing 95lb squats for 15 reps
(45lb bar, 25lb plate on each side)
(I've cut most of the videos short, cause like... you get the gist after seeing me do a couple!)

make sure that you're squatting with your booty going below parallel (below the backs of your knees!) to really hit those glutes!

After I Squat, I RDL.

I RDL with a bar and some plates, but feel free to start with some dumbbells-- I attached video of me doing it both ways.

When you stand all the way up SQUEEZE your booty! 

You want to make sure your back is flat, knees slightly bent, and you're pulling your shoulder blades back and together the whole time you do this. 
My head shouldn't be looking up, just let your head sort of hang or look at your feet while you do it ;)
On Tuesday I do pull ups (or chin ups), incline bench, and do a row of some sort 
(you can look up different row workouts, I only attached one that I do) 

For those of you new to pull ups or chin ups, I would suggest you use a band. 
This will help you move your body weight up and down without struggling, so you are able to do multiple pull ups to practice! Once you feel good with the band, the next week maybe try a couple with the band, and a couple without! Just go with how your body feels.
I've attached a video to show you how to put the band on the bar, pull ups, and chin ups all with the band!

Try not to bounce up with the band either, everything is a controlled slow motion when working with the band!

For reps, try to do 15 on each exercise ... again, do what pushes you and makes your body feel strong! 

Thursday is alllllll about dat booty! 
It's dead lift & hip thrust day!! 
I love dead lifts. 
I never used to do them because I was SO intimidated by them and thought if I picked up the bar even the slightest wrong way that I'd throw out my back and I'd never be the same! 
I was wrong.
If you do dead lifts right, you'll not only feel ridiculously strong, but you'll see gains on how much weight you can pick up very quickly!

I do lower weight 12 to 15 reps.. I do four sets of them, or again, like Monday, if it's a crazy busy day, I'll do five sets of them and not do hip thrusts.

You can also do hip thrusts with dumbbells, a plate, or a straight bar... whatever you feel comfortable with! Make sure you have some sort of padding to wrap around the bar to protect your hip bones and lower tummy! 
Try laying on the ground and putting the weight on your hips and thrusting up from the ground. 
When you're ready, move to putting your shoulders on a bench so you get more depth and more range of motion for your glutes to fire your hips up! 
LAST DAY of the workout week!! 
On Friday I do upper body:
Bench press, push ups, row (I didn't include a video, just because you can do the one I shared for tuesday or find one you like online!), lateral raises, and shoulder press with a twist! 

On these lateral raises, notice how I bring my inner wrists together in front of my body. 
This allows more range of motion for the muscles I'm working! 

I've also included two ab workouts that I throw in multiple times during the week.
 I just do 2 or 3 sets of 15-20 reps each! 

Feel free to email me (you can find my email in the contact section of my blog!)
with any questions, and if you'd like me to put together a workout routine specifically catered to you! 

Happy working out, ladies!