My name is Katie, and this is my blog, Ten Rows Back.
You can find me by a pool, in a mall, behind a computer, or ten rows back at a baseball field.
I live a crazy, yet incredible, wifey life.
I'm obsessed with donuts. I eat them almost every saturday.
I secretly love those little buzzfeed quizzes (you know what I'm talking about). When I try something new and like it, I almost always make a hard claim that it's my favorite.
I'm a full blown extrovert, my husband is a full blown introvert, and we are pretty much opposite in every way.
I don't like dogs. Don't ask me why or tell me I'm a bad human being- I just don't and you can't change my mind no matter how many times you say that it's because I haven't met your dog yet. In fact, I don't really like animals at all.
Also, I don't like being outside unless I am getting a tan, cause like, why else would you go outside for any other reason?

I'm an advocate for women, I think they're a profound statement to society that everyone could learn a thing or two (or a lot) from. I love fashion. If you wear what makes you feel beautiful and confident, DO IT, I'm for it! And, last but not least, I am a fan of my husband! He plays baseball and I love watching him. In fact, all of these things I've mentioned, you'll read about in my blog! For more information on the name and meaning of my blog, click here